How to Keep Your House Warm Without Power?

How to Keep Your House Warm Without Power

No human being is a cold-blooded one unless you are Olaf, the snow friend in Frozen. When power is being interrupted or taken out, your top priority is to keep your body warm and in heat.

You need to keep your house warm in order to survive especially during a very cold winter night. No electricity or power means no electric heat. If power is out, you can still warm up your house and feel the heat even without the presence of electricity.

Some would believe that the use of natural gas is the best solution, but it actually is not. In most cases, gas heaters and gas stoves still require electricity. If you have a gas heater unit that does not require electricity, it may still need the power to operate and circulate the warm of the air.

Here are some steps you can follow on how to keep your house warm

Use some fire

This is the most obvious and practical solution if you want to heat up your house. It is now due to time to apply the skills you have learned as a boy scout or girl scout. Fire is the most common source of heat since the start of time.

The advantage in today’s generation is that it is easier to make fire compared to those being done before – using rocks and stick to create a fire.


Some house has traditional fireplaces. Although it may take much effort to create fire on a fireplace, one advantage of the traditional wood burning fireplace is that you do not need power or electricity to run this.

All you need to do is gather up some wood chunks and gather your family around your fireplace to experience a natural heat and smell of burning wood. Just remember to ensure a good ventilation for the smoke.

Some houses also have chimneys where smoke can directly pass through. If you have a gas fireplace, some of them may not work since they will be needing electricity but you can still try to light it with a match.


Candles have two main purposes, light and heat. When power is out, most families use candles to provide heat for the house and enough light to continue such works and chores.

To keep your house warm, light up some candles all over your room. Make sure there is enough ventilation for the smoke. You may want to avoid scented candles.

Propane Space Heaters

Propane space heaters are something that you must have. This is also one of the best solutions in warming up houses. There are few models that are cheap in some local stores.

Wood Stove

A wood stove, which acts as a source of heat, a light, and of course designed for cooking, serves many functions/.

Wood stoves or propane do not require electricity and thus can give you the ideal way if warming yourself on a cold breeze. But for some who purely rely on electricity for their heat source, that would be a problem.

Gas Stoves

Both gas stoves or ovens can produce a good amount of heat just enough to keep you warm. However, long use of this can produce carbon monoxide as the gas builds up.

For safety purposes, you can turn it on every five to seven minutes just to keep your body away from frostbites.

Gas Catalytic Heater

Gas Catalytic Heater is another better option to warm your house. The best feature of this product is that it has cleaner burns compared to other heaters.

This heater is considered one of the efficient ways to heat without electricity. This item varies in sizes which makes it convenient to use for any size of houses there is.

Add Insulation to Your Home

If you cannot make some heat out of gas or wood, then another option is to insulate your house.


It is best to close all windows properly and seal them. You can use removable caulk or towels and clothes to seal your windows aggressively. There are cheap shower curtains available in the market that can help insulate your house.

Place these shower curtains over the window to keep the cold air out and let the sun come through. If you don’t want to spend on shower curtains, you can use any plastic.


Aside from windows, it is a good idea to cover or seal your doors. You may use clothes or blankets to cover them. You can also use pins or thumbtacks to hang blankets over the doors in order to add more insulation to your house.


If your house has hardwood floors, use a carpet to add insulation. A rug or a blanket will also do the trick.


If your house has an attic, it is best recommended to hire some professional in insulating this part of your house to keep it warm.

These professionals will inspect your attic and recommend the best method to insulate them. By insulating the attic, it can keep away cold air from entering and your house can stay warm for a much longer time without the need to use electric heating systems.

Note: Insulating your house does not only benefit you during a power outage but as well as the rest of the year since it lessens electricity consumption and electricity cost incurred when using air conditioning units especially during summer.

Other Tips

Fill in a tub with a hot water. Heat from the tub may help keep your body and your house warm.

Safety tip:

When you deal with gas, kerosene, propane, candles, wood or anything that is related to fire, it is important to ensure proper ventilation of smoke. These items use oxygen and release carbon monoxide which might cause somebody problems.


These helpful tips are all applicable whether it is during winter seasons, winter blackout, or just plain blackout. Apply these techniques and save some electricity cost. However, make sure to do safety measures and be prepared in any way.

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