How to Heat a Garage Without Electricity?

How to Heat a Garage Without Electricity?

There are some cases where we need to learn how to heat a garage without electricity… I myself have a garage that does not have a power line so I can relate

Does your house have a garage? Do you need to heat it sometimes when it’s cold? Especially during the cold winter nights? Do you sometimes worry how much electricity goes to your bill?

Worry no more! There are things you can do to warm your garage using a heater that does not need electricity.

There are different types of garage heaters you can install without the need of electric supply. You can also use this during winter to avoid high utility consumptions.

Here are the things you need to know first:

1. Size of Garage

The size of a garage will matter on the heater you will get. You should check your heater’s thermal output. This can be measured by BTU/hr. The higher the rate is, the greater the coverage of heat it can keep.

2. Types of Heaters

There are two types of heaters that are popularly used. These are 1) propane heaters, 2) Natural gas heaters, and 3) portable heaters

Propane Heaters

Here is a sample computation when using propane heaters:

Small Garage – 5,000 BTU

Medium-Size Garage – 10,000 BTU

Large Garage – 17,000 to 18,000 BTU

Natural Gas Heaters

If you opt to purchase vent-free gas heaters, you might think it is an honest investment but since it works on natural gas or kerosene, you will be amazed of the low electric bills it will give you.

This is also a better option for garages that are detached from the house or for areas that always have a power outage. When you buy a heater, there are two factors that should determine your preference namely size and weather.

On very cold areas, you will consume 1 kilowatt (kW) output with every 8.5m2 and 1kW with every 13-16m2 on cool to mild zones.

It is important also to check how your garage is built. High ceilings often need more power to provide heat on the garage.

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters or space heaters usually have the same coverage with the type of heater they replicate. Space heaters may raise your electric bills but not too much.

Some space heaters are infrared heaters, which means, they have 500 to 1000 watt thus it can save you energy while heating an area of up to 500 square feet.

Space heaters are also plugged directly into a normal outlet with 110 volts and they are wall mounted, making it a space saver. The initial cost to set up this kind of heater is also cheaper compared to other types.

3. Insulation of Garage

Before you buy any heating system for your garage, make sure that the garage has plenty of insulation. A well-insulated space will be able to keep and retain the heat in and will keep your utility bills low.

Try to insulate garage doors as possible including walls and ceilings if you can. You can add clear plastic films on windows as protection for the cold. Adding a sturdy resistant carpeting, whether indoor or outdoor can help warm your garage and give extra insulation.

Of course, you would want your warm air to go out once you get the heating system mounted and installed.

Safety Tips

When using natural gas and propane heaters, remember the following safety tips to avoid any untoward incident:

1. If you notice a leak, urgently switch off the supply gas at its source. Do not use cell phones, lighters, or anything that can possibly produce a spark.

2. Do not place portable heaters on high traffic areas and keep them out of reach from children and animals.

3. Do not put the heaters near products that can easily attract flames especially when they get hot.

4. Buy heaters that are suited for indoors only.

5. Switch off heaters when not in use.

6. Do not leave heaters unattended

7. Do not move heater when it is on.

8. Look for the safety features on the heater’s manual.

There is another option you can use when you want to heat your garage without electricity. And that is by use of the main source of light, the sun!

Solar Garage Heaters

How Does it Work?

A solar garage heater is a device that can help you achieved a thing they called sustainable energy. Having a solar space heater is something you can conveniently invest with.

One of the most popular brands on solar space heater is the Solar Infra System. It has a portable interior and exterior heater with a small solar panel.

This can be mounted on a window, wall or anywhere that it can be placed just as long as it has a stand. The best unit on the market is the window-mounted type because it absorbs much sunlight that can power your heater and heat up your garage.

This type of heater is an infrared heater. It uses a system where the light on the spectrum helps warm the garage. Most companies make solar garage heaters since they are super efficient. It does not use gas, propane or electricity to warm your area.

Heating your garage with solar heaters may be a bit expensive and not suitable for large areas. But if you have a small one, this product can work at its best.


Garage heaters that do not use electricity are obviously beneficial to invest with. Whether they are portable or mounted, the important thing to remember is that it heats your garage with less electricity to be consumed.

For solar heaters, it is good to know that this type does not use any gas or chemicals and even electricity. However, it may be more expensive compared to other types. When you choose a heater, always based them on your preference.

Always make the final decision after you evaluate and pros and cons of each type of heater. When you are unsure of what you think is the best for your home, read some blogs and product reviews.

You may find other people’s preference the same as yours. With this, you will be able to determine what type you would like most.

Also, check out how to keep your house warm or how to heat water without power in case of emergencies.

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