How Much is a Diamond Ring Worth

How Much is a Diamond Ring Worth

How much is a diamond ring worth? When searching for a diamond ring for that special someone (or yourself), it’s important to know what you’re looking for…

“Diamonds are forever”, they say. So if you consider buying something that you know can last a lifetime, then it is a must that you know all the basic details about diamonds.

Diamond price is a very complicated thing to learn. Their prices range from different factors and characteristics of the stone itself.

So if you are decided to invest in it, let us have a closer look at how much usually does a diamond ring cost and learn about how it is priced that way.

How Much is a Diamond?

Diamonds that are at the top of a grading scale are the ones very expensive. Remember that diamond prices can change over some time and a small variation of its characteristics can either push the prices up or down.

Diamond Prices

Before buying diamonds, try to canvass several stores if the pricing is of the same or close to one another. Go to shops like James Allen or the Blue Nile. They are a lot more expensive in stores than what you can find online

How to Value a Diamond Ring | Diamond Ring Valuation

How are Diamond Prices Calculated?

All diamonds are priced per carat. For example, a store tells you that their price per carat is $1000 and your diamond measures 0.50, then your stone will cost for a total of $500. Prices per carat of diamond increases as you opt to have higher weight categories.

The 4Cs

The 4Cs of diamond are carat cut, color, and clarity. For a sure buyer, it is important to learn these things first before spending over a thousand dollars for a stone. When you balance the 4Cs, it can give you a beautiful diamond at the price of the right.


Carat is considered the most important C in the 4Cs. Since it is the most visible, most buyers would say “that’s a big big rock you got there”. Carat talks about the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The heavier the carat weight, the bigger the diamond is. Cart gives the largest impact on the price of a diamond


Diamond Cut is the most important factor and you should never ignore it. Cut makes the diamond sparkly and shiny. IT refers to the symmetry, polish, and proportion. A diamond only shines if it is cut on angle and facet. A poorly cut diamond appears dull. An ideal cut can make the diamond seem larger.


Color also makes an impact on the beauty of a ring. Color refers to the yellow tint in colorless diamonds. Most of the diamonds are having a slight tint of yellow but most of the time is not seen by the naked eye. Most people cannot give the difference between nearly-colorless diamonds and colorless diamonds


Clarity is the flaw in diamonds. There are two types of flaws namely internal flaws and blemishes. Clarity does not actually matter. AL you need is a diamond with flaws that you cannot see or also called “eye-clear”

The Fifth C


Certification is the most important step. It is a must to have a certificate when you buy things that are more than $1000 of value.

When buying a diamond, a certificate can guarantee you that you are entitled to what you bought. Legit certificates only come from either the GIA or AGS laboratories.

They are the best-known standards in the diamond industry. It is important to understand the qualities listed on your certificate. Be educated on the information listed and ensure that you have heard to four Cs of diamonds namely color, cut, clarity, and carat

1 Carat Diamond Ring Value & Price Average

How Much is a 1 Carat Diamond?

The average size of an engagement ring is around 1 carat. So if you are planning to have one, here is the general guide for its price:

Round – $2000-$5000

Princess – $2000-$10000

Cushion – $1700-$17000

If you want a good 1 carat ring, the price is about $6000, that is with the ideal cut of H and color VS2.

Diamond Price Chart

The Rapaport Price List or Rap List is the famous price chart when looking into diamonds. It is a matrix that gives a benchmark on the value of diamonds based on the 4Cs (cut, color, carat, clarity).

It is a baseline for determining the price of all diamonds being sold as individual stones. The Rap List has four grids that are categorized according to its weight (0.90-0.99, 1.00-1.49, 1.50-1.99, 2.00-2.99).

The pricing in Rap List is always on hundreds. The Rap Price for a given diamond in the list is determined by other categories such as size, color, and clarity.

Here are some of Rapaport’s Diamond Trading Network:

  1. Rapnet – The price listed here are actual average prices given by sellers. This network is only available to jewelers and dealers.
  2. IDEX (International Diamond exchange) The prices here are higher compared to Rapaport. Some retailers usually apply for a discount when selling. Their pricing tool is known as IDEX Diamond Price List.
  3. Diamond Retail Benchmark – the IDEX had promoted another pricing tool called Diamond Retail Benchmark that offers high standard on pricing diamonds which can offer discounts on the final price of the buyers.

Bottom Line:

Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of articles and product reviews on all types of diamond rings posted. You may want to take a time to read some of them and learn what others have to say, especially those who have already purchased one.

It is also nice to talk to some friends who are experts on diamonds. Their insights might help you decide which stone is the best for your preference and budget.

Are you ready to shop for diamonds now?

Choosing a diamond is partly influenced by one’s emotions and partly science. In order to have the best diamond, you need to balance all the 4Cs so you get satisfied which what you have and at the same time within your budget. At the end of the day, you will have to ask yourself if the price of your stone is all worth it.

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