Extreme, Funny, & Crazy Ways To Save Money

Extreme, Funny, & Crazy Ways To Save Money

There are some funny ways to save money that I’ve used in the past. But there are aso some that I’ve heard of from friends and family.

Saving money is something very important that we must do. Having savings can be a relief if there are emergencies that may come in the future. You don’t have to worry about finding some amount of money to use for those emergencies when you save.

There are normal ways to save money such as putting money in the bank, using discounts and rebates, giving up driving, and many more.

And then there are these extremely weird ways to save money such as putting your credit cards in the freezer…lol

Funny Ways To Save Money

These are crazy ideas but it works because you will be saving money from it! To help you, here are some funny ways to save money:

1. Avoid Using Toilet Paper

Another crazy way to save money is to stop using toilet papers. Instead, use cheap washcloths to wipe them out.

You may use hot water and bleach so that you can continue to use them. This can save you money on buying toilet papers.

2. Ever Heard of Dumpster Diving?

At the end of the day, some local stores throw away food and some of these are still packed. You can dive through dumpsters and get that packed food.

Some stores may allow you but some don’t. Aside from the food, there are also other items they throw away that can be useful to you.

3. Breaking Up at The Right Time

Remember if you want to get out of a relationship, do it before any major celebration such as birthday, or anniversaries so you won’t have to make expensive purchases before you go separate ways.

4. Free Flowers

This is an extreme way to save money and I’ve heard of people doing this. I would not try it though.

When you need flowers for wedding or birthdays, drop by at any cemetery and get those fresh flowers from any grave. Dead people won’t bother.

5. Donate Clothes and Buy Them Again

Some local charities clean your donated clothes. After some days, go back to them and buy what you want back. It’s cheaper than paying for laundry cleaners.

6. Train Your Pet to Use The Toilet

Some cats are easy to train if you want them to use the toilet. This can save you big time on cat litters!

7. Wait For Midnight to Shop

Midnight sales and late-night hour shopping are great. You don’t have to worry about crowded counters, and items are marked down with really low prices.

8. Don’t Wash Your Hair Regularly

This is a gross way of saving money but it sure does work! When you do this, you can cut water bills and of course, less using of shampoo. You can wash your hair once a week and by doing so, it can help add more volume to your hair.

9. Do Not Use Coupons

Some may think that coupons can save you a lot of money but it actually doesn’t. Coupons are just tricks so that you can buy something impulsively.

Most coupons are from branded items. Stop using coupons and buy items that are generic since they have the same effect or use.

10. Use Cash Not Cards

When buying items or paying bills, use cash to pay it directly. Credit cards may be a smooth way

to have those transactions but using them means also availing of interest rates and that could cost you a lot!

You will be amazed how much money you can save when you stop using debit or credit cards.

11. Make and Use Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Products

Did you know that you can make your own dishwashing liquid, shampoo, and soap from home? You can also make fabric softener and mouthwash.

These DIY products can save you tons of money instead of shopping them at stores.

12. Use Only Two Sheets Per Wipe

This one is very funny and weird but helpful. Put a reminder in your toilet at home to inform people that they should only use 2 sheets per wipe.

13. Marry a Thrifty Partner

It is somehow difficult to save money but if you have a partner that is best in finance, then saving is easy. Get a partner that is good with numbers so they can help you get rid of those debts.

14. When You are Not Using Electronics, Unplug Them

You can save a lot on utility bills when you unplug everything that is not being used such as toaster, television, computer. Or even alarm clocks.

15. Keep Those Extra Condiments

When eating on a fast food store, there are extra mayo, ketchup, mustard and other condiments for free. Keep them and use them at home!

16. Separate Your 2-ply Toilet Papers To Make it Double

When buying toilet paper, choose the 2-ply and pull them apart to make it two. This can take time and effort but you will be surprised that the 2-ply toilet paper can produce four rolls of one ply.

17. Walk, Walk and Walk

Walking when going anywhere is a very effective way to save money instead of diving your car and spending on gas. This may not be applicable to all but this can surely help save money.

18. Use Fake Flowers

Plant some fake flowers in your garden at home. This can last a long time and does not need maintenance.

19. Go Through Neighbor’s Trash

Why not dive into neighbors’ trash? You might find something useful in there that people don’t sue anymore. It may be a shame for some but trash is a public domain, so anyone can look into that.

20. Free Food

Some grocery stores offer free food or samplers. The same is true with drinks, perfumes, and more.

21. Learn to Read Fast

If you can read fast, you will have the chance to read more books for free with no charge when you go to book stores like Barnes & Nobles.

These crazy saving ideas are extremely funny and you might think it’s not doable. But some of these actually were proven effective.

Also, if you’re a teen and you’re looking to save money, check out my money saving tips for teens post. Thanks for reading.

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