Best Plein Air Easel for Oil Painting 2022 – Reviews

Best Plein Air Easel for Oil Painting

Looking for the best plein air easel for oil painting? Well you’re in the right place.

The French term “en plein air” means “open in full air” is a widely known thing in the field of outdoor paintings. Some artists love to go on adventures, to beautiful places and get some inspiration to paint.

An easel is considered a home base for outdoor artist. This tool has a lot of functions that gets an artist going. There are several types of easels, depending on the style of paint, and it varies in prices. Most easels also differ in weight.

Most of the weight is around 5 to 20 pounds. The heavier an easel is; the more storage it can offer. Some lightweight models are good to go but they have limited storage and less stable.

Before you buy an easel for your oil painting, here are some tips you need to consider before you hand in your money:

1. Size – Your plein air easel must depend on your height. Make sure to buy an easel that is suitable for your height and size so that it can give you much comfortable while standing next to it.

2. Material – Most easels use wood. If you want to make it a little harder and more sturdy, buy an aluminum frame to support your easel.

3. Portability – If you like to work in your garden or backyard, then any type of easel would be okay. If you like to go hiking or travel around, then you should pick the one that is lightweight and not the type that has heavy frames so it will not be difficult for you to carry.

4. Type – There are several types of easel such as an H frame, A-frame, or singles mast. The best ones are the portable easel and light easel.

Here are some of the best plein air easel that you can consider:

1. Guerrilla Painter 9×12 Guerrilla Box Plein Air Painting Pochade Box with In Lid Easel

The Guerrilla Painter 9×12 Guerrilla Box Plein Air Painting Pochade Box is a complete kit. It is the largest unit in the Guerilla Painter Pochade series.

This product can hold everything that you use and need for air painting. It has a clip that holds a 9×12-panel, watercolor blocks, or canvas. It can also hold up to four pieces of 9×12 wet panels or stretched canvas.

Its slide-out palette gives a maximizing space and the paint you use can be left in other compartments and storage without making it a mess.

The palette has a movable divider, three compartments, and enough space to store brushes, paints, brusher waters and other items used in oil painting.

It has a side bracket t and knows that allows being locked in a position of 180 degrees which gives the most comfortable experience. The wet canvas or panels can be kept on the lid when you are done painting.

It is completely enclosed in a box that can protect them during travels. It also has a tie down strap to keep the panels in tack. This is one of my favorite picks when it comes to the best plein air easel for oil painting.

The Guerrilla Painter 9×12 Guerrilla Box Plein Air Painting Pochade Box is made with strong basswood and stainless steel. It is very sturdy and can be brought to any painting adventures you like. Its materials are constructed and designed to last a long time. It only weighs 5 pounds when empty. Now that’s a light one! Its dimensions are 13 inches x 5 inches x 10 inches.

When using the Guerrilla Painter 9×12 Guerrilla Box Plein Air Painting Pochade Box, you may choose to use it on laps or with a tripod. The best feature of this easel is its heavy duty tripod. It allows you to place and remove quickly the plates. The price of this product ranges from 140$ to 190$.

Pros: Can be carried, with handle best for traveling, Cheap, Complete all in one in a box, With tripod, Built for adventure , Many storage and lids.

2. Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel

The Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box has a stunning look. It is made with strong joint construction using maple, poplar, and Baltic birch.

It has an elegant cherry stain an amazing lacquer finish that transforms tools and pieces into a treasure like. The canvas holders have an adjustment and lid arm which are easily controlled with plastic star knobs.

The Medium pochade box has a removable tempered glass palette which is ideal for acrylics and oils. The finish of Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box lets you clean easily.

The light birch is also good for mixing colors.  Its canvass holders are constructed to provide easy use and convenience. The stretched canvas and panels are held between the holders.

The dimensions of the medium box are 15 inches high, and 17 inches long. The Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box includes a brush tray that slips over the side of the palette box during painting.

It has seven indents for seven brushes and flat surface for holding cups of thinner or painting medium. The Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box costs around $120 to $130 in the market.


  • Has a very strong construction
  • Looks like professional tool for painters
  • Very light and portable


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Best for smaller canvas
  • No handle for transportation or carry


There are many brands and models of plein air easels available today. To answer which is the best one is quite dependent on someone’s preference and has something to do with size, purpose, and budget.

If you love to go to places, then the portable and lightweight with handles is recommended for you. If you are a painter that prefers doing it in gardens or backyard, then you might want to choose the sophisticated and stunning one.

Whichever it is, always keep in mind to get easels that you’re comfortable with. Evaluate the pros and cons of each unit to help you decide. I hope this helps you with finding the best plein air easel for oil painting. Thank you…

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