Best Filter for 30 Gallon Fish Tank Owners

Best Filter for 30 Gallon Fish Tank

Since different size fish tanks require different filters, we decided to review the best filter for 30 gallon fish tank owners.

Keeping a tank of aquatic animals has been a thing for pet enthusiasts nowadays.

Aside from dogs and cat which are ordinary pets, many homeowners add a little clear tank for turtles and fishes that also serves as a decoration in small spaces within the house.

Caring for a fish is low maintenance but requires a responsible owner. You have to feed the fish and clean their aquariums.

There will be unwanted particles that might grow inside the aquarium such as dirt, algae, excess food and other debris which are harmful to your fish.

When cleaning a tank, you will need a reliable fish tank filter. There are many types and sizes of filter tanks on the market today.

When you decide to buy one, you might find it difficult since there are many variations in the market available.

But if you have the right information on what you need, you will find the perfect filter that can do the job. Before that, you need to understand first how a filter works and its functions.

Basic Functions of Filter System


Fish often produce ammonia as they breathe underwater. They release waste particles from their bodies.

These unwanted wastes must be removed from the tank so it will not harm the fish. The biological filtration system eliminates the wastes from the tank.


Some water sources have hard metals and other particles that can be harmful to the fish. That is why there is a need for a filter system that can remove these unwanted materials from the water.


Most tanks have debris from excess food of the fish and dust particles in the area. The mechanical process of filtration removes the debris visible in the water.

Once it operates, it purifies the water in the tank to make it clear and clean. Clean water will make your fish in good health.

When choosing a fish tank filter, you will see many models and units in the market. Manufacturers often put product descriptions in the product so that you can easily see which type will suit your need.

To help you get started, we have listed few of the top choices of filters for fish tank in the market today:

1. AquaClear 30 Power Filter

The AquaClear 30 Power Filter does not use a cartridge. Instead, it utilizes a basket where you can put any type of filter media you would like.

It has a sponge for mechanical filtration system and an activated carbon pack when using chemical filtration. It also has a BioMax inserted to help you with biological filtration.

The AquaClear 30 Power Filter is one of the most recommended models for a 30-gallon tank. It has the best back filter you can use in your aquarium.

It is designed for versatility and can last in the long run. This product has different variations when it comes to flow rates.

It uses a flow control system technique that reduces the effect of flowing water, making sure that fish don’t get harmed.

The AquaClear 30 Power Filter is also designed to work on three-stage filtration system that ensures good bacteria growth which is needed for the aquarium.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Great biological filtration design
  • Motor and impeller is safe


  • Hard to clean

2. Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters

The Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filter is recommended for those who want a small filter that operates quietly. It is designed to be placed in a discreet area within the tank.

It can still work even with just two inches of water. The best thing about Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filters is that is sold at a reasonable price.

This would mean that you will get the worth of your money with a good deal. This product can filter up to 66 gallons per hour.

There are many customer reviews available on the internet that can prove how effective and efficient this product works. This filter can produce crystal clear water for your fish tank.

It has a five-stage filtration system which includes chemical filtration, mechanical, biological, stationery, and specialty media. This product also comes with LED light indicator that flashes when filter change is needed.


  • Auto-priming
  • Best for both saltwater and freshwater tanks
  • Comes with one free filter cartridge
  • Free specialty media insert
  • Operates silently
  • LED indicator
  • Automatic restart when power loss


  • Not easy to clean

3. Marineland Penguin 200 Power Filter

If you are looking for an efficient filter for a fish tank, creates high water flow, and performs best in biological filtration, then the Marineland Penguin 200 Power Filter is the perfect match for you.

It offers clear and healthy filtration system that is good for your fish. This product is considered as one of the best filters in the market today. Its Penguin filters can also work on a cartridge system.

The Rite-Size Cartridge is disposable and replaceable. They are also cheap and easy to replace when they become dirty. The Marineland has a Bio-Wheel system that looks really cool inside the tank.

The good bacteria inside the aquarium grows in the Bio-Wheel and the water flows any residual chemicals that get into after the filtration process.


There are several things that affect the performance of a filter. With a variety of filters in the market, make sure to choose the right one for you so that you can provide the best care for your aquatic pet.

Set up and installation might be a delicate process you do not have to worry so much because there are filter products that provide easy assembly and installation. Some models also come with full instructional manuals that will guide you through in the installation process.

The most important factor to remember is the performance of the filtration system that will fit on a particular tank design and size you have.

The type of filter you will choose will always depend on the preference you have for your fish tank. I hope you found best filter for 30 gallon fish tank owners helpful. Thanks!

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