Best Electric Wall Mount Fireplace 2022

Best Electric Wall Mount Fireplace 2022

Sometimes it can be hard to find the best electric wall mount fireplace with so many beautiful choices out there. Which is why we decided to review some of our favorite fireplaces on a budget.

Fireplaces are one of the most in demand products of homeowners especially those who are in the cold regions. To feel some heat around during winter time is wonderful and very relaxing.

In today’s generation, people do not need a steady supply of logs and burn fire in order to get that cozy feeling. With the aid of technology, electric fireplaces are being manufactured all over the world.

Aside from the heat it provides, there fireplaces are being considered as decorative that makes a home more sophisticated and elegant.

If you are considering getting one, here are some of the best electric wall mount fireplaces in the market:

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews

1. Touchstone Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

With this elegant wall hanging fireplace, you can now amaze your visitors and enjoy a life like flames within your homes. This electric fireplace provides very realistic flames in piles of faux logs or crystals that add a homey atmosphere in to your place.

The logs or crystals lie behind a well-constructed and durable tempered glass in a modern black design.
You can enjoy a smoke-free ambiance and warm feeling on a cold night with this excellent choice if fireplace. It measures for about 50.4 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep and 21.65 inches high.

When it comes to heat options, the Touchstone Onyx Electric Fireplace has low and high heat settings and can cover up to 400 feet room. It allows you to control the warmth produced by the fireplace.

This product also has a 5-flame setting for brightness, from dull glow to a full light, adjustable depending on your preference on brightness.

As designed for wall mounting, this 50 inch wide electric fireplace only weighs 46 lbs. making it easy for a person to hang it on a wall without hassle.

For installation, there is a step by step instructions provided with the product. All you need to do is secure a perfect place with drywall screws.

Lastly, this fireplace is powered by a remote control which gives you access to any adjustments you want. It includes a built in timer for auto-shutdown which can bet set for 30 minutes to 7 hours.

Onyx Electric Fireplace is perfect for your bedroom, family room or library. Touchstone Onyx guarantees you every cent of your money’s worth.

2. Best Choice Products Heat Adjustable – Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

If you want to enjoy a realistic yet adjustable atmosphere without smoke in your living room, then Best Choice Products Electric Heater is one of the good choices there are.

Aside from it being cheaper from other brands, this package has an elegant and modern design with 3D technology for the flame. It has an easy remote control that lets you adjust heat levels and colors.

This electric fireplace features a dual setting with 750W and 1500W. This adjustable electric fireplace can be 2 in 1.
It can be installed in mounted area or it can be designed in a standing position together with a stunning glossy tempered glass heater.

This electric fireplace is very energy efficient and does not exhaust any smoke emissions. The overall dimension of this fireplace is 22 inches high, 6 inches wide and 35 inches long. Best Choice Electric Fireplace is a good package you can buy in the market today!

3. Touchstone Sideline Recessed Wall Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace has 50, 60, 72 inches units which can fit into your home needs. This electric fireplace has a black frame that provides modern and sleek look inside your place.

When mounted, this fireplace adds up to the cozy touch of any office, living room or bedroom. Included in the package is a step by step guide for installing and mounting this product.

Like other types, this fireplace has a two heat settings perfect for hot and cold seasons. Heat levels can be adjusted according to your preference, making it a practical and functional fixture.

Another feature that this electric fireplace boasts is that it has realistic changing color options for the flame. This electric unit can emit authentic flames that — a real fire.

It can change into three colors such as orange, blue orange, and blue. Along with this feature is an adjustable brightness setting from soft ember to intense blaze.

Sideline gives you a total package, which makes them of the best options in the market for an electric fireplace. This product also includes faux fire log and crystals to provide authentic fee.

It operates with a 120 voltage and 1500 watts and can cover a room up to 400 feet. For a perfect ambiance, this is recommended to be positioned at least 12 inches below the ceiling.

4. Giantex Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

The Giantex Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace is a good option when it comes to big and spacious homes. This electric fireplace features a contemporary design that fits any modern living spaces today.

IT includes a thick tempering glass up to 5mm. With its black frame and realistic flames, you can enjoy an adjustable cooling and heating system with just a click on its remote control.

This electric fireplace has a rated power of 750W which is low heat and 1500W for high heat. The best part of this electric fireplace is that it is 100% energy efficient.

Since it does not emit any smoke or pollution, this guarantees a perfect and cozy ambiance in your homes. This Giantex Adjustable Fireplace Heater is very affordable and is a very good deal among other brands in the market today!

5. AKDY Wooden Style Wall Mount Electric Fireplace – Best Wall Mounted Fireplace

If you are looking for a vintage-ish design for electric fireplace, then AKDY Wooden Style Wall Mount Fireplace is the best option for you!

Aside from a cheaper price compared to other brands, this 2 in 1 electric fireplace heater has an adjustable 1500Q temperature that comes with an easy to control remote.

It has a dimension of 22.04 high, 35.43 wide and 3.9 long. This electric fireplace can be easily installed and mounted. It has five different LED colors including purple, blue, red, orange, and some combination.

Pros: Very easy to install, cheaper price, excellent features, and modern design
Cons: Wall mounts only for installation

6. ClassicFlame Infrared Wall Mount Fireplace

This ClassicFlame Fireplace has a 36 to 47 inch measure. It has 5,200 BTU heater which proves heating zone for up to 1000 square feet, much bigger scope than other brands.

This is recommended for big places and areas. The flames effect it produces can be operated with or without heat. It provides an exquisite ambiance of a gentle fire all year long.

This Spectra fire has three blue flame settings for brightness and an additional setting for traditional flame effect.
It creates an infrared heat which helps maintain nature humidity within the area, which gives natural moist and comfortable heat without drying the air of the room.

This electric fireplace has a LED sidelights that glows into five different colors including blue, amber & blue, amber, color cycling and off. Its standard dimensions if 10.24 deep, 46.56 wide and 23.42 high.

Pro: Excellent features
Con: expensive

7. ClassicFlame Elysium 36″ Wall Mounted Infrared Fireplace

The ClassicFlame Elysium Wall Mounted Fireplace has different features you can enjoy. It comes in a 36-inch and 47-inch sizes. It has a 5,200 BTU heater that provides heating zone for up to 1,000 square feet.

The flame in this electric fireplace can be operated with or without heat. The spectra fire colors can be changed into three different blue flames and the brightness can be adjusted depending on your preference.

Included in this package is an infrared heat that maintains the natural humidity in the air affecting the moist and comfortable heat is emits without letting the room dry.

There is also a decorative LED sidelight in the wall mount fireplace that glows in different color options including amber & blue, blue, amber, and many more.

This electric fireplace is a bit expensive among other products yet with its features, you will going to get all your money’s worth!

8. Regal Flame Denali Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

The Regal Flame Denali Electronic Fireplace has one of the best and realistic flame designs for you to choose from. This product comes with pile of faux gas logs that does not require running gas line to build up or carrying firewood after all.

This excellent item creates authentic fireplace without the hassle to begin with. It is very easy to install and mount. The log lies behind the glossy glass is durable.

It has a contemporary design with matte black frame that can go along with any home designs. Now you can enjoy a vent free and smoke free atmosphere within your homes. Its dimension measures to 60 x 21.65 x 4.59 inches.

The Regal Flame electric fireplace inserts three heat settings perfect for both hot and cold types of weather. The heat level can be adjusted on your preference.

The 60 wide Regal Flame Fireplace ensures a safe and efficient wall mounted electric fireplace. This electric fireplace is very expensive yet Regal products ensures you of a 5-star experience!

9. Ivation Wall Mounted Glass Electric Fireplace

The Ivation 50” Wall Mounted Glass Electric Fireplace has a stunning mountable glass. It can heat up to 250 square feet. It is built as a smoke free design with low maintenance.

This package includes a durable bracket and top quality mounting hardware. Users can easily install or mount this electric fireplace without needing much effort.

It has a low, no, and high heat setting feature perfect for all types of use (e.g. cold and hot weather seasons). Its LED Flames are lifelike creating a stunning atmosphere within your homes.

It does not require messy clean up. This unit includes a convenient remote control that lets you adjust the timer, manage heat (750 to 1500 watts), and flame brightness depending on your preference.

This slim and sleek design is perfect for modern home scenery and corporate areas.

Pro: top notch design, modern, easy to control
Con: A bit expensive

10. Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

The Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is one of the sophisticated products in line with fireplace available in the market today.

It has a full metal construction which provides a durable and sleek built with a tempered glass front made with quality materials. This product has a soft touch panel for controlling adjustments.

There is an on and off switch for controlling heat and flame. Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace has a built in heat with 1400 watt and internal safety shutdown sensor.

It can plug into any home outlet with a six foot cord. This item is not intended to be lowered into the wall.

Pros: It has useful features, easy to install, safe and durable
Con: Cheaper compared to other brands


Electric fireplaces are often chosen for their high-efficiency, low cost, and overall practicality. This type of products offer a large number of good reasons to be considered.

With the drastic help of technology over the years, people can now enjoy an adjustable atmosphere in their homes when electric fireplace are in place.

With such competition of products, it is important that electric fireplace pros and cons must be considered to let you make a more educated choice on which type of fireplace is best for your unique needs.

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