Best Easel for Acrylic Painting

Best Easel for Acrylic Painting

If you’re are new to acrylic painting or need a new easel, then you’re in the right place the best easel for acrylic painting and start creating your masterpiece.

Painting is a form of art that most people enjoy and love. Even in the early history, painting has been considered as one of the oldest traditions as evidenced by carvings and paintings on the wall and caves.

The practice of painting has been passed down from generations to generations. And today, we can see that art has prospered into a great venture for business.

One form of painting is the plein air painting. This can be done in gardens or outdoor sceneries. Artists who are in the field of plein air painting choose the best painting tools such as easel in order to create a wonderful piece of art.

When choosing what type of easel, you would want, it is important first to know some of the basics.

Know Your Medium

Since acrylic and watercolors involve fluid substance, the best easel for you would those of the table top and placed vertically so the liquid component won’t fall off or run down.

Outdoor or Indoor?

If you are a traveling painter, then it is recommended to use lightweight easels. If you prefer to paint indoors, then the heavier ones are recommended. It has many compartments which can provide you a heavy duty painting if you like.

Do You Have Enough Space?

The type of easel you are going to buy should also depend on how much space you have. If you are doing big canvases, then it is a requirement to have a bigger space and a bigger product.

Painting Style

The type of easel you will buy will also depend on how you work or how you paint. Select the ones which you are comfortable enough to draw some subjects.

Now let us take a look at the best deals on easels available in the market 

1. The US. Art Supply 62 Piece Acrylic Painting Kit

This US Art Supply Acrylic Painting Kit is probably one of the best deals in choosing easel for your outdoor painting. This product is a must-have for painters on the go. This type of product is popularly known as the French Style Easel.

It is recommended for professional artsiest and those who are starting to transform from a beginner state to become more advanced. This complete and adjustable easel can be used in the field and provides almost complete storage.

The best part of this US Art Supply Kit is the beech wood that has been constructed by hand It comes with a 12” sliding drawer and separate compartment. It also has a wooden palette that is removable.

For painters on the go, it has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry and transport. The shoulder strap is adjustable and comes with a hard leather handle. When you finished setting it up, it is 71 inches high and can hold a canvas as big as 34 inches.

You can always set this up anywhere you want. US art supply can guarantee a comfortable storage for your art supplies.

2. US Art Supply 72-Piece Deluxe Acrylic Painting Set

The US Art Supply 72-Piece Deluxe Acrylic Painting Set is a masterful kit best for acrylic painters. The bundle includes wood drawer table Easel, PISMO Lightweight Aluminum Floor easel, 8 inches by 10 inches Canvas panels.

24 tubes acrylic colors, stretch canvas, acrylic painting paper pad, 34 artist brushes, wooden palette plastic palette with ten wells and a free color wheel. It is an almost complete package for those aspiring artists. Its legs are adjustable.

It can be used for indoor, tabletop, or outdoor use. The knobs are adjustable and can be operated easily for angle and height adjustments. It can accommodate up to 32-inch-high art canvas. Its table top is portable can ban be easily stores.

It has a drawer with three compartments to store brushes and other painting tools.  The Nylon Brush Set can create quality art.  The Plastic palette has a convenient thumb hole where you can hold. The additional color wheel can be used for mixing and blending colors. This can be considered the best easel for acrylic painting.

3. Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set

The Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set is the best and recommended model for the artist, travelers, and students regardless of experience. The package can fit anything you store. It has an organized and compact storage for all your painting brushes and other tools.

This kit includes 12 oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, oil pastel, watercolor sheets and paste. The box measures 6 ¼ by 10 4/4 by 14 ½ inches. When opened, it stands for about 16 inches has. The storage chest can be a study table easel.

The holders and mast for the easel can be assembled easily and quickly. It can also be stored conveniently for traveling.


Outdoor painting is a form of art that is very popular nowadays. Today, even the young ones venture into this type of activity since it only requires imagination and a skill on the how to stroke. In order to have a quality artwork, equipment and gears such as easels must be considered.

The type of easel you will choose will depend on your preference and comfort zones. There are many types of easels that can fit your painting needs. Some, who likes to paint inside the house or in the garden can have an amazing artwork if they use those heavy duty easels.

Some painters like going to places and they would want to bring with them their complete set of painting tools and gears. There is also a wide range of easels available in the market which are compact, portable, and easy to carry.

Some easels are designed to have features that are suitable for both indoor or plein air painting. If you are on a budget, there are also packages that come with a lot of great features and freebies such as brushes, canvas, handles, and stand. If this helps you with finding the best easel for acrylic painting, please share. Thank you

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