Best Canister Filter for Turtle Tank

Best Canister Filter for Turtle Tank

Today I decided to review the best canister filter for turtle tank owners…

Turtles are one of the most adorable and cute animals in the world. That is why some homeowners choose to keep one as a pet. Turtles are usually kept in a glass tank or aquariums.

People sometimes choose turtles as home decoration. People would sometimes prefer turtles over dogs or cats since it does not require much training and attention.

Handling turtles are essential to keep them alive and well. In order to take care of a turtle, one of the most important thing you need to look for is the filter tank.

When a turtle lives in a tank, the water will eventually become dirty and needs cleaning. Filter tanks make the water clean regularly and keep the turtle’s environment healthy for living.

Once you decide to buy a turtle and a canister filter, you should keep in mind several things and we have listed some of them for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Filter Tanks for Turtles


Some reputable brands obviously are expensive but their quality is undeniably good. It is better to have a filter tank from a reliable brand that can deliver the best service for a filter tank.

Some brands have been reviewed by top users and other pet owners you don’t have to worry about the product.


When you decide to buy a filter tank, make sure that it is durable so you can use it on a long-term basis. You should consider the type of materials used.

Most products are made of plastic, however, there are units that are built with hard plastic and metal that can last longer.

Flow Rate and Tank Size

The two most important features of a filter tank is the flow rate and the tank size. Most products in the market provide product descriptions that can help potential buyers to check which model or unit best fit their preference.

If you want to have a good filter, then a higher flow rate is recommended. The high water flow will not disturb the turtle’s environment.


Choosing a reliable filter tank will also depend on the type of motor it has. A motor has the most important role in any filter tank.

You should also choose a motor that can be easily cleaned and maintained. However, there are some units that do not need maintenance.

Filter Maintenance

As mentioned above, filters can get dirty in the long run. You need to choose the one that can be easily cleaned and does not require much maintenance. Most companies provide a complete guide to cleaning a filter tank for your turtle.

Now that you know the things that need to be considered, you are now ready to choose which one is the best for you!

1. Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter

The Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter is a canister filter that can hold up to 50 gallons of tank water. It is used mostly for tanks, box turtle pool, and vivarium. It accommodates 200 gallons per hour rating.

The has a double filtering system with biological recirculation internally. The Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter combines biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. The product comes with a spray bar to improve oxygenation within the tank.


Slim design

Can fit in tight space

Double filter system

Spray bar

200 gallons per hour rating


Sponge must be changed monthly

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2. Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter

The Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter is an external container filter recommended for box turtle pools, tanks, and tubs. It can accommodate up to 60 gallons of water.

Its notable feature is the hose-connecting device which is removable and easy to open. This product also has an adjustable system for flow control with calibrated anti-vibration bushings.

It has a space-saving design with large carbon chamber for more absorbing capacities. The Zoo Med 511 Filter also comes with a spray bar system and mechanical filter sponge.


Removable hose-connection

Easy to open

Great aeration

With spray bar

Easy to set up


Suction is weak

Motor gets hot

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3. ExoTerra External Turtle Filter for Aquarium

The Exo Terra External Filter is ideal for turtle tanks and aquatic terrariums. It has a filtering system that reduces odor for tanks. It comes with a spray bar system that offers aeration and all types of filtration.

The Exo Terra has a dual chamber that enables filtration media in chemical, mechanical, and adsorptive.

The flow rate is accurately measured to provide balanced that is needed, oxygen enhancement, water circulation, and others that makes turtle tank become efficient and effective for use.

This unit requires only one to two months interval for maintenance of tanks and two to four months for aquatic habitats. This package also comes with two-course foam, one fine foam, carbon pads, and odor-reducing pads.


Dual-chambered filter

Odor-reducing filtering system

High efficiency

Balanced performance


Hard to set up

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Choosing a good filter tank for your turtle must be a wise decision. In order for your little cute ones to enjoy a clean and peaceful environment, you have to select the best filter tank that can provide such.

With so many options in the market today, surely you can pick a model that will suit your preference. With the guidance provided above, you should have no worry on selecting which is the appropriate product.

Just remember to choose the one that will be paired with your accounted budget. Aside from the budget, it is also important to select the filter tank that is constructed with quality materials so that it can last a longer period of time.

After all, you must invest in a product that should give you the benefits your money deserved. Even if you decided to buy a cheaper product, ensure that it has no issues and it is durable so you will not compromise the safety and comfort of your turtles in the tanks they will soon call home.

Thanks for reading best canister filter for turtle tank.

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